Welcome to The Pet Project! The Pet Project is compiled of adoption/rescue stories and interviews as well as informational content about how and why you should adopt or rescue animals, instead of spending big bucks. You can also find interesting resources and statistics throughout this website that relate to animal adoptions, rescues and other inspiring stories.
‘The Pet Project’ is a mission to influence and inform individuals on how adopting/rescuing animals is a better alternative to purchasing a pet.
My name is Sara Shields and I am a Texas State University graduate student. I love videography, graphic design, photography and web design. In my spare time you can find me hanging out with my friends or watching Netflix. In the Online Media Design course, we were instructed to choose a topic to report on. Ideally, I chose animal adoptions and rescues.
I chose this topic because I am a huge advocate on adopting and rescuing, rather than spending big bucks to find your furever friend. The pets in shelters have been abandoned, abused, and some even lost from their families. I have personally volunteered at the San Marcos Animal Shelter and find myself there playing with the animals on days that I am free. Every time I go into the shelter I hope the best for the animals and wish that I could find them homes, but unfortunately, that is not the case for many. My loving adorable cat, Bandit, was adopted from the San Marcos Animal Shelter and he is my pride and joy. Growing up, I¬†always lived in a house where we wouldn’t turn away any stray, so animal adoptions and rescues hold a special place in my heart.

Do you have an adoption or rescue story to tell? Email me at saramshields@gmail.com to be featured on this website! All photos and videos are taken and edited by me.

“He might only be here for a part of your life.
But for him, you are his whole life.”