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Bandit’s Story

Little BanditFor my first adoption story, I will be featuring my own personal experience of how I brought home my lovable cat, Bandit. I had actually just gone through a tough time in my life and needed a companion. One day I got a wild hair and went to the San Marcos Animal Shelter. Usually when I go to the animal shelter I just play with the animals for 30 minutes to an hour then go home empty handed. But this time I went and encountered the most interesting looking cat with a perfect black mustache. I sent about 50 videos to my parents joking that I would adopt him and they said absolutely not. But being my fathers daughter, I don’t take no for an answer and I knew this cat was the cat for me. It was a tricky process trying to get forms signed from my landlord — my dad — saying that he would allow a pet in the house, which he wouldn’t. But I somehow got around it. Once I got home, I kept sending pictures to my family of my new cat and they thought I was joking about taking him home. Their next visit to San Marcos they fell in love with Bandit.

Chrismtas Cat

This was not your average lazy or hyper house cat, he was the biggest cuddle bug with four legs that has walked this planet. There was not one night I would sleep alone; Bandit would always be cuddled up right next to me. It’s been a little over three years that Bandit has been my fur child and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t love or spoil him — even though he has literally eaten my homework and art projects or torn up the carpet and couches. I even forgive him for occasionally knocking over glasses of wine and coffee mugs. People say how a dog is a man’s best friend, but for me, Bandit is my bestfriend and you can tell I am his bestfriend too by the way he loves me unconditionally.

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